Module A – Cosmetic hand and foot care

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Module A

is aimed at interested parties without previous knowledge or at already active podiatrists / podiatrists who would like to offer another service.

In this module you will receive the necessary knowledge for the process of hand and foot care in the wellness area. We only work manually and thus offer our customers “pure wellness”.

This manual service is increasingly being offered in the studios because many customers – especially today, in our fast-moving time – enjoy being “touched”. In addition to cosmetic foot care, you will learn in this module what really matters. Also offer a manicure, gel nails with a French look or a relaxing foot massage. You do not need any previous knowledge for this module.

With the matching understanding questions you can check your knowledge after each chapter and are optimally prepared for the exam.

The instructional video includes the following content:

Manual foot care

Welcome / anamnesis

Preparation of the job

Introducing the instruments

  • clippers
  • Skin pliers
  • Rose sticks
  • nail file
  • pumice

Treatments from cosmetic foot care

  • Removal of the cornea and pressure points
  • Correct nail cutting to prevent ingrowth
  • footbaths
  • foot scrub
  • Foot masks

Manicure (hand care)

nail polishes
foot mask

Special treatments and care

foot massage

to relax and relax


on French style toenails (white tip)


  • The workplace
  • Instruments
  • disinfection
  • sterilization

In the training materials


Tips for self-employment

  • Prices
  • Advertising

Foot scrubs and foot masks

  • Tips from the “witch kitchen”
  • Aromatherapy
  • Beware of allergy sufferers


  • business registration
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Health Center
  • Hygiene Institute
  • hygiene plan
  • disinfection plan

Package A with certificate of attendance:

  • As an e-learning training for 4 months
  • Via video training including training documents
  • Regular webinars

Written exam: by multiple choice exam practical: not required Proof: “Certificate of participation in home learning”

Package B with certificate:

  • As an e-learning training for 4 months
  • Via video training including training documents
  • Regular webinars

Written exam: in the Cologne foot care school Practical exam: in the Cologne foot care school Proof: “Certificate”

For the exam, you come to the foot care school in Cologne with a model. Here you take the theory and practice exam in front of a certified lecturer. The examination fee of plus € 89.00 (including VAT) will be settled in cash on site and an appointment will be made individually.

€ 280.00 (including VAT)

Course Features

  • Lectures 8
  • Quizzes 9
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language German, English, Polish, Russian, Turkish
  • Students 621
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Self
280,00€ 99,00€


  1. Este JOUBERT
    27. July 2020

    Good day
    I really want to do these courses. Will you issue a certificate when complete?
    Will I be able to do foot massages when I am done with these courses.

    Thank you
    Este Joubert

    • 28. July 2020

      Thank you for your request. A certificate is automatically printed out with the name with which you registered.
      Module A also includes a short foot massage, which you can then do.
      Best regards
      Birgit Nehring

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